Cliff Mycoskie, RLA, ASLA

"Cliff is our chief idea guy and one of the original  owners of mma. He's a expert marksman, so stay on his good side."

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Chief Idea Guy

Douglas Cooper, AICP

"Douglas is the Yoda of zoning changes and navigating all aspect of public engagement. He's also known for his style - specifically, his signature hat."

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Planning Manager

Nold, RPLS

"Andy is known for his ability resolve complex surveying project with the application of law, mathematics, history and physics."

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Gabby Villalovos, EIT

"Gabby is not a woman of many words, but her work ethic and natural knack for grading make her a valuable asset to any project."

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Graduate Engineer

Duwaine Joiner, PLA

"Duwaine is the 

Gandalf of PLA here at mma. He can always be counted on for his knowledge and witty commentary."

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Landscape Architect

Jennifer Storz

"Jennifer is skilled in every step in the process of creating construction plan documents for land development projects"

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"Jose is best known for his commitment to his work. He's often the first one to arrive at the office and the last one to leave."

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Graduate Engineer


"Kaleb is a slow talker and fast thinker from East Texas. He can be counted on for a good story and even better project support."

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"Mario is a vital part of the survey crew. His accuracy and ability to document the smallest details of a project are unmatched."

Survey Field  Technician

our team

Jacob Sumpter, AICP

"Jacob is known for his strong and steady leadership style and ability to think globally."

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Chief Operating Officer

Bobby Gaddis, PE

"Bobby is the brains behind the operation. We're lucky he uses his powers to make us more efficient, or else he'd just take over the world."

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Engineering Production Manager

Martin, PLA

"Michael brings creativity and positivity to every project he's involved in."

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Project Manager

Reece Flanagan, PE

"Reece has an easy-going attitude and innate ability to lead civil projects. His natural inclination to 'do' and 'teach' make him a favorite among our junior staff."

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Project Manager

Valerie Arruda

"Valerie is best known for her ability to document detailed processes that make our jobs easier and more efficient."

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Graduate Engineer

Juan Martinez

"Juan is tasked with  making sure our survey teams are where they need to be. His ability to mobilize survey teams would make any military  commanding officer  proud."

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Senior Survey Technician

Isis Hernandez

"Isis is an intern turned new-hire from the Houston area. She's a fast-learner who has already proven herself an asset to any project."

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Graduate Engineer


"Jacob can be counted on for his accuracy and commitment to delivering quality survey data that can't be beat!"

Field Survey Technician


"Peach only shows up to work when she wants attention and treats. She's the biggest slacker in the office, but we keep her around because she's cute. 

Company Canine

Rob    Cronin, PE

"Rob's unique leadership style and a client focused mentality challenges everyone around him to strive for greatness!"

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Director of Engineering

Yulien Hawkins

"Need something done? Ask Yulien. She's the glue that holds us together!"

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Office Director

Destiny  Silva

"Destiny is famous  (infamous) for her sense of humor, keen eye for branding, and ability to make friends with anyone."

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Director of Marketing

Reeves, SIT

"Bill is known for his accuracy and attention to detail - just ask anyone who's gotten a deliverable from him - top notch, always."

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Survey Technician

Lon Whitten, RPLS

"Lon brings experience and humor to mma's Burleson office. His local knowledge and industry expertise has already proven to be an asset to our team."

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Gahbie Sanchez

"Gahbie is best known for being a jack of all trades. Need civil, she's got you. Need survey or pla design? She does that too. "

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"Raul is known for his can-do attitude! He's never come across a challenge he wasn't willing to face head-on."

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Civil Intern

Matt Anderson

"Matt is the drone guy at mma. He's known for making beautiful videos and always being in the right place at the right time.

Survey Party Chief

Andrea Taylor, PE

"Andrea is best known for her attention to detail and ability to lead successful project teams."

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Project Manager & Burleson Office Lead

Stewart Garrison

"Stewart is known for his savvy entrepreneurial  spirit and long legacy of being a respected employer."

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Chief Idea Guy II


"Aaron provides stability and consistency to our survey team. His  experience and ease leading survey  teams is unsurpassed."

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Survey Project Manager

Gabriela Gonzalez

"Gabriela is best known for her dedication and work ethic. Her consistency and natural talent brings value to every project she's a part of."

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Graduate Engineer


"Dawn's is the voice you'll hear when you call our main office number. She's friendly, reliable, and can always be counted on for a good laugh."

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Project Assistant


"Brandon is equal parts creative genius and mad scientist. His skills lie in thinking outside the box and motivating everyone around him to do the same!"

Urban Designer

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Esteban Perez

"Esteban is a jack-off-all trades who specializes in City requirements and submittals. He's also the king of dad jokes at mma."

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Project Coordinator


"Marcus is a vital part of our survey crew. He's known for his ability to gather details in even the trickiest of project sites."

Survey Field