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To empower our employees to be creative, collaborate ideas, and actively engage our clients to deliver a service which separates us from the competition.

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To promote the passion of our employees while delivering creative and efficient design solutions to our clients which facilitates economic and positive growth in the community.

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our history

mma’s presence has been a staple in the City of Arlington for over four decades, taking shape with different leadership over the years, and expansion of services provided to our clients.

Veselka Engineering Consultants (VEC) and Site Planning Site Development (SPSD) were the catalyst firms which began over 40 years ago. Cliff Mycoskie and Stewart Garrison started SPSD in 1982. SPSD specializes in landscape construction, landscape maintenance, and masonry construction.

The engineering and surveying services of VEC and the landscape architecture and planning services of SPSD were merged together in 1999 to eventually form Veselka Mycoskie Associates (VMA). In 2003, the Veselka leadership retired and our firm was renamed Mycoskie McInnis Associates (mma). 

In 2017, the team took steps to enhance the mma experience including relocating to a new office (519 E. Border st.), rebranding, and pursuing initiatives to improve employee development and grow our client base. 

In October 2020, mma's leadership decided to open an office in Burleson. The move was to better serve our clients South of Fort Worth and surrounding Cities.  

Our Values

The mma values determine our purpose and describe the level of service and dedication to building long-lasting, beneficial relationships with our employees, clients, and community partners.

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be creative


relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas

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be responsive


reacting quickly and positively

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be engaged


greatly interested; committed

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be passionate


showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief

be involved


having a part in something; included in something

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be accountable


to justify actions or decisions; responsible

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