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we're here to help guide you from conceptual design to ribbon cutting  (and everything in between).

what we do
mma is a technology-focused design firm providing reliable civil engineering, survey, landscape architecture, and planning services to clients across North Texas. 

why work with us

  • You’re on a tight schedule - so are we. Our experience in the entitlement process alleviate unwanted delays and give you the freedom to focus on what’s important - being ready for move-in day.

  • You need a team who’s technology can keep up - we’ve got you covered. We use InfraWorks to lay out site designs because it seamlessly integrates with Revit; allowing project teams to generate a more comprehensive information model.

  • You dislike being left in the dark - we’ll keep you informed. Communication is a vital part of every project. Our team will clearly communicate solutions to any obstacles that could potentially throw a wrench in your timeline.

  • You’ve got a lot riding on this one - so do we. We like to think we have stock in every project we work on. Your wins are our wins.

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