mma Planning focuses on building a partnership with our clients to wisely plan, use and ultimately profit from their land acquisition, whether residential, commercial, industrial or municipal.


Extensive Practical Experience

  • Over 75 years of combined experience.
  • mma teams consist of experienced Planners, Landscape Architects and Engineers.



  • View land, site and landscape planning opportunities in a range of perspectives, from sustainable community impact to the economic bottom line.
  • Seek solutions responsive to the environment.
  • Work closely with clients to ensure their objectives are met in the planning process.


Client Involvement

  • Clients are an integral part of the planning team.
  • Client involvement ensures needs are understood and addressed.
  • Informed decisions can be made early in the process.



  • Creative, cost effective approaches.
  • Increased land value.
  • Clear land use objectives identified early.
  • High client satisfaction with the final product.


mma's planning process is the cornerstone of a streamlined, successful project.



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